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  Introduction And Overview Of The Organization

Number of employees: 60 people.
Factory distribution: Changhua, Taiwan.
Main products: Various types of scissors: school scissors, office scissors, craft scissors, tailor scissors, beauty scissors, kitchen scissors, garden scissors, leather scissors, hairdressing scissors and some special professional scissors, etc. .

Fumei Scissors originated in 1950. Chairman Johnny Huang started his trade business at the beginning ,and then established the factory for manufacturing scissors in 1988.The plant's area is about 4300 ㎡. With years of experience, he has developed a variety of scissors types, such as school & office scissors, craft & garden scissors, beauty scissors, Leather shears, kitchen shears, and then specialized to high-quality tailor shears and hairdressing shears.In 2002, we upgrade the R & D and help our customers to deal with the technique issues on their own designed products.In 2014, we start to cooperate with domestic design companies to work on practical and aesthetic premium scissors. Every year we attend international exhibitions to promote our products and absorb the latest trend from the world. Fumei constantly strives for excellence and insists on the best quality.